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How digitisation gives the client insight into his financial position

Pensions, mortgages, insurance and loans: everyone has to deal with them, but the average consumer isn’t very interested in his financial planning. This means he doesn’t spend enough time on taking c are of his financial future. Why don’t people like to work on this? Can we find a solution for it and what would be the result? Why is a good financial advisor alone not enough (any more)??

The digital transformation taking place in society could offer a solution. We see the world in the sectors around us change quickly, but these changes seem to come about more slowly in financial services. A lot of innovation is taking place - a successful innovation network was even created with Holland Fintech. But which developments are actually groundbreaking? Many innovations are aimed at process improvements in financial logistics, but not yet at offering a complete management function on individual financial provisions. To really offer the consumer insight into his financial position, a smart integration and re-usability of data is necessary across all domains. In this way, we can use digitisation to work from fragmentation to integration and sustainable control for consumers.

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